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You've trusted Indie Booksellers for years to give you honest and beyond the trends book recommendations. As a bookseller, finding the right book or the unexpected choice was (and is) my greatest pleasure. I continue to share my reading insights here with you, the engaged, curious, adventurous reader.

Contemporary Fiction Book Club meets the third Tuesday of the Month at 6 PM (excluding December and August). Members purchase selected titles either at the meetings or the Book Kiosk at 10 percent off. Discussions are currently held at Great River Art Center in downtown Little Falls. Current and prior year reading lists can be found here.

For over 20 years Bookin' It served Central Minnesota's readers as a bricks and mortar store. Today, owner Laura Hansen continues to share book recommendations and lead book discussions from home, online and by stocking a Book Sales Kiosk inside the Great River Arts Center in downtown Little Falls.

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Contemporary Fiction Book Club

Epilogue  2015 - Author Events now at the Arts Center sponsored by Bookin' It and Great River Arts. Read more at this link:

The Final Chapter

Dear Friends, The store computer died yesterday. It has been a year since I closed the Bookin’ It storefront. I made a promise to myself that when that PC gave up I would quit ordering books and move on with my life. I kept an online bookstore up for part of the past year and then an online presence through the information website. I have continued to host book club meetings and offer a selection of books for sale at the Bookin’ It Kiosk at Great River Arts. Now it is time to slowly back away. I love having book chat time with all of you and I miss that face to face time we once had over books and barking store dogs, but the time has come.

The Contemporary Fiction Book Club schedule is set up through Summer 2015 and we will continue to meet as planned. Many of the books for the club and some for sale through the Kiosk are already ordered and I will continue to let those ship in. I will also make occasional posts to the and websites on my current reading adventures and recommendations. No way am I going to stop reading and looking for great books! If you haven’t stopped at Great River Arts to peruse the Bookin’ it Kiosk, please do. It is small but mighty with an eclectic selection of Children’s Picture Books, Middle Reader novels, Memoir, Poetry, Art and Craft books, Mystery and Fiction titles. You can grab a copy of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary or Birds of Minnesota for rainy days and sunny days at the lake. And you can find copies of my poetry chapbooks there, too.

My time and energy going forward will be on my writing which I will continue to share and send out for publication. I have a series of book/reader-themed poems that I hope will make it into an upcoming chapbook or poetry manuscript, so keep your eyes peeled for news.

Laura Hansen